Tutoring and Revision Services

Tutoring and Revision Services

Online Primary and High School Tutoring

We are the leading online tutoring service in for primary, secondary and degree courses. Our private tutors cover a wide range of subjects including English and Maths and other niche subjects like languages for primary and secondary students. Private tuition for Entrance exams, A-Levels, GCSEs and SATs are all catered for across the UK.

One-on-one tutoring is the most effective way to learn. Private tutoring can be used to help your child grow after being temporarily lagging behind, to learn about a topic outside of the school setting, to expand your child further, or to address your child’s needs in the classroom setting more than possible.

We think that teachers and teachers at home can provide a variety of benefits for your child, such as improving school performance levels, while also helping a child increase their confidence, enjoyment, and motivation in a subject.

The extra focus and special attention to private one-to-one tutoring can be the determining factor in successful learning and good test scores, ensuring that you or your child get the most benefit from general education. activities and fulfill their academic potential.

Tutoring and Revision Services

University Course Tutoring

England Editors offers university-level students undergraduate and postgraduate tutoring services. At this level, it is important that the course is in-depth and specific to full modules. All of our university tutors got a distinction in the course that they teach. Our university instructors can support students in everything from specific modules, to the development of essay writing style and study skills, exam revision and university entrance exams.

We also assist in Thesis defending by getting you ready to answer the required questions that you will be asked.

Tutoring Service Pricing

We charge £25/hour. Payments are made via Paypal to info@englandeditors.com

If you need to make a bank transfer let us know in the form below and we will give you our banking details.

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