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Mzansi Writers offers the best Speech Writing Services in South Africa. We are a small team of experienced speech writers headquartered in South Africa whose main objective is to assist you in writing and delivering a speech that you would be pleased to present.

Our speech writing service is completely confidential and personalized. There is no sense in us creating an excellent speech for you if your audience does not think you wrote it yourself. And we will not inform them that you did not! We use extreme caution in safeguarding our clients’ confidential information. Our first concern is complete and rigorous secrecy.

We never give examples of previous customer work, and we operate on a trusting basis. We will agree on a set project fee with you at the start. Our pricing is usually affordable despite the quality of our speech writing services.

Weddings, work presentations, school events, bar mitzvahs, award celebrations, funerals, and political events are all common events were our speech writing services are useful. Each of these distinct events calls for speakers to offer remarks pertinent to the event.

You’ve come to the wrong spot if you’re looking for lengthy tales, repeated, tacky wedding humor, or re-usable templates. We compose each speech from scratch and take delight in their uniqueness. We are enthusiastic about what we do and are committed to doing it right. Our customers customarily some kind words for us.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for assistance with a social speech (for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, funeral, or other occasion).


Speech Writing Services Cost in South Africa

At Mzansi Writers we charge R100 per page for our speech writing services. The length of the speech is determined by you the client. We can recommend an ideal length based on your event.


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Why Should You Use Our Excellent Speech Writing Services?

We will do all it takes to ensure that your speech is delivered correctly. Some customers want that we write it from scratch, while others request that we review a draft they have previously written. Some clients request that we train them on how to deliver their script most effectively. Our duty is to assist you in preparing your speech:


  1. Appropriate for your intended audience
  2. Authentic (avoiding online cutting and pasting at all costs)
  3. Unambiguous; utilizing the fewest feasible terms
  4. And to sprinkle a little magic on your words to guarantee that they are remembered for all the right reasons. The objective is to assist you in delivering a speech that sounds like you are at the top of your game.
  5. We double-check all papers and run them through plagiarism detectors to guarantee that you always obtain 100% unique material.
  6. We are capable of meeting tight deadlines and ensuring that you get a faultless, high-quality speech by the specified day.
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