E-Book Writing Service

E-Book Writing Services

Mzansi Writers combines engaging content writing with eye-catching graphic design to create best-in-class eBooks. We write both fiction and non-fiction books according to your requirements.

We have a great in-house team of professional writers to develop appropriate topics or use topics you already have in mind. Either way, Mzansi Writers will contribute its expertise to ensure you have an winning ebook.

E-book Writing Services in South Africa

What you can expect from our E-Book Writing Service

  • Professional eBook authors in all key genres.
  • You will have exclusive ownership of the eBook.
  • Proofed material that is 100 percent original.
  • Quality assurance at several levels
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Unrestricted modifications


 E-book Writing Services:  How we work

Our eBook writing service provides a complete answer. We manage the whole process and deliver according to your requirements. Here’s how we collaborate with you to build a product that completely satisfies its goal:

If You have a subject or theme in mind but don’t have a completely developed eBook strategy — no worries! We’ll work with you to create a well-structured table of contents that will serve as a strong basis for your eBook. Only when you have approved the table of contents will we begin writing and provide you with intermediate updates so that you may keep up to date on your product.

The initial draft does not have to be the final draft. We provide a round of edits completely free of charge. If you want further assistance, we are always available to enhance the product to your satisfaction.


eBook Design and Formatting

After your eBook content has been prepared and accepted, the asset will go to the design and formatting stage, which is the last step before the finished product is displayed.

Designers begin by collaborating with authors to verify that content can be appropriately translated into eye-catching images, as well as asking any remaining queries about the subject or material. The concepts generated throughout the earliest phases of the eBook will subsequently be brought to life by your professional graphic designer. He or she will utilize the agreed framework and any branding instructions supplied by the customer to decide on anything from typefaces and color schemes to particular images and themes.

Designers are available to transform ideas into reality, whether you have particular picture in mind or not. If you’re not sure where to start, Mzansi Writers graphic designers can gladly utilize existing material as a starting point to guarantee your new eBook asset is consistent with your present identity. Remember that your website qualifies as current collateral since designers may use existing icons, graphics, and visual collateral, including particular HTML color codes, into the eBook.

Following the consideration of style, theme, and branding components, the layout process starts, which comprises the body of the eBook, as well as cover pages and tables of contents. Font styles, colors, graphics, pictures, and interactive design elements like navigation buttons are used.

When the layout is finished, a prepared draft of the eBook is delivered to the customer for approval. Any input received is included into the asset in order to generate the final output. Your content marketing strategist may next provide experience in conversion rate optimization and advertising strategy to help you fully exploit your final eBook.

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